We pride ourselves on producing unique and bespoke products for our clients! Afterall, having something that you know no-one else has, is pretty cool!

How more personalised can something be, when it has been designed and crafted for you, with your specific requirements?

These coasters (above right) were brought to life following a request from one of our clients to re create an emblem which was a hand drawn sketch on a piece of paper. The emblem had a personal family significance, and so we set about recreating it digitally, following which we lasered the emblem onto slate coasters as gifts for their family.

So when we say our aim is to create unique, bespoke and personalised products, we REALLY mean it…..

Although we are called ‘Compass Engraving’ we are continually expanding our skills to include other services for our customers.

One of these new skills was working with Epoxy Resin which is great fun!  There are so many things you can do with it.  So far we have done coaster sets, incorporated it into house signs and more recently, our Smashed Bottle Art.

With resin you can have almost any colour and can add things which will set into the resin. If you have an idea for resin, contact us, we are always learning and developing our skills to help our customers.

We have found working with slate really enjoyable and great fun!  Slate is very responsive to the diode laser technology we use and not only can we laser a variety of different fonts and logos, but our laser will even laser photo quality images on to the substrate too.  It is accurate to 0.01mm, which is impressive, isn’t it?

We always clean our slate prior to use and then coat all products in an acrylic coating to add that little extra protection from the elements. This coating comes in matt or gloss adding a different look from each.

The main products we produce in slate are house signs and coasters although we have also produced a number of memorial pieces for both people and pets.

We are always looking at new an innovative pieces to produce, so if you have an idea or a need for something which isn’t listed on the site, please contact us to see what we can do for you.

Running a new business can always be a challenge and social media sites are a great way of promoting exactly what you can do, BUT….  we understood the importance of getting on the www to be able to reach those customers who were not social media active and also to broaden the geographical boundaries of our client base.

We used GeckoGrafix to build the site who was very professional and certainly patient!  Why not check him out online at geckografix.guru !

We welcome your views and observations which are considered by us as valuable feedback.  So if you do see anything, please do contact us, we would appreciate it.  Thanks!

We will keep this ‘Article’ section updated with new projects and general information about what we are up to and what we want to share with our online audience, we are excited about the future and just want to do the best we can for you, the customer.